SHSAT exam is the exam taken by middle school students who are going to high schools. This test aims at determining how well the student is ready for a high school and it assesses his overall academic progress.

The exam includes the language and Math part:
  • The language part comprises reading comprehension with a multiple choice test where the student needs to pick one correct answer based on the evidences from the text; a verbal part where the student will demonstrate excellent knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar
  • The essay part includes writing an essay based on the statement given in the test. The student has to know the structure of the essay, introductory phrases and transitions etc. to score better on the test
  • The Math part covers the program of Math mostly for the middle school, different types of problems are included, the Math test contains multiple choice questions and answers as well as free response questions

All three parts require multiple skills, among them there are critical thinking skills, analysis skills, writing skills etc.

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