Preparation for SAT test exam

SAT is one of the exams that is extremely important to prepare for as scoring well on this exam means huge success – getting enrolled into the best colleges, building and boosting your career. That sounds like a dream for many high schoolers but everything is possible and achievable.

What do we need to know to score high on this exam?
We need to know:
  • Academic Reading and Writing
  • Math
  • Structure of the Exam
  • Tips and Strategies for the Exam
  • Some other Secrets for a Higher Score

There are also two formats of SAT that are distinguished : Old SAT and New SAT. We are aware of all the changes introduced into the format of the exam and are ready to give you a detailed explanation on the format changes.
Scoring 600 - 2400 400 - 1600
Timing 3 Hours 45 Minutes 3 Hours (+50 minute optional essay)
  • Critical Reading: 200-800
  • Writing: 200-800
  • Math: 200-800
  • Essay (included in Writing score)
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 200-800
  • Math: 200-800
  • Optional Essay (separately scored)
Guessing Penalty 1/4 guessing penalty No guessing penalty
Format Available in print Available in print or on computer

We are happy to provide you a high quality SAT preparation covering all the aspects of the exam and giving you additional valuable consultations on it. Our professional staff holding Masters and PhD degrees will ensure your success. For your convenience our individual classes can be held in our Brooklyn and Manhattan locations. The classes are available online as well. The first consultation is free.



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