Political asylum

Our company provides preparation and support services for an interview with an immigration officer in the US Citizenship and Migration Service (USCIS) for political asylum in the United States. We provide you both with services before the interview, and take responsibility for the correctness and legality of the translation in accordance with all the norms of the migration service during the interview procedure.

Our team consists of highly qualified linguist - interpreters, who specialize in the legislation and who deal with migration renderings. Our specialists undergo professional upgrading not only on courses, but also directly in the process of regular visits and work during the interview procedure. All our employees have a special license to carry out the transfer in court.

Our Main Working Tasks:
  • Provide assistance in the search for lawyers on migration issues
  • Checking and preparation of accompanying information (history) in English
  • Provide interpreting services of documents into English
  • Assistance in attending a lawyer
  • Work in cooperation with a lawyer
  • Responding to shortcomings and correcting documents (case) in English
  • Assistance in preparation for the interview procedure
  • Accompanying in the process of passing biometrics
  • Preparation for interview questions in collaboration with an immigration attorney
  • Interviewing and interpreting services during the interview process
  • Work in accordance with all norms of the migration service.

Advantages of cooperation with us:
  • Licensed, highly qualified interpreters
  • High quality of translation and support services at all stages
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Different contracts for different services
  • Competitive price
  • Work in accordance with the requirements of the migration service.

Our company will prepare and work with you each stage of the interview in cooperation with the migration attorney, depending on the correction of the memorandum, thereby preparing you for the important stages of the interview: the initial one with preliminary questions (personal, professional), the second with general questions regarding your petition for political asylum (the cause of persecution, pursuit, the consequences of your return).

Having signed an agreement for services with our company, you will be assured not only of qualified assistance in the preparation and translation of all your documents into English, but also in providing support for your case throughout the time of consideration of the application for political asylum in the USA.



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